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If you’re searching for Sydney’s best mountain bike club and crave riding off-road with a community of like minded people then Sydney Cycling Club is the place for you.

Sydney Cycling Club has an active mountain bike and gravel scene with rides taking place most weekends. To learn more about upcoming rides, join the SCC Mountain Bike and Gravel Riders facebook group via the link below and navigate to the “Events” tab.


More and more club members are falling in love with gravel riding. If you’re interested in joining one of the club’s multi-day adventures make sure you join the facebook group where upcoming rides are posted.


New members are welcome to join rides to see if they like the club. Rides are run weekly and are organised on the Facebook group.

If you like the club and plan to attend rides regularly you’ll need to become a member. To join Sydney Cycling Club for off road rides, register with AusCycling and when doing so select “Sydney Cycling Club” as your club.

If you also want to attend SCC road rides as well as mountain biking the joining process is slightly different. To find out more, click the link below.

Joining allows you to ride regularly with the club while also granting you additional benefits such as personal accidents and 3rd party public liability insurance. If you wish to race with the club ensure your membership choice covers this by selecting one of the racing membership options.


You’ve never mountain biked before but want to give it a try? No worries! This Sydney mountain bike club runs “Come and Try Mountain Biking” days to encourage new riders to take up the sport. These are run by experienced club riders on easy trails where mountain bike rental can be organised if you don’t have a bike.


Every year the club organises tours to amazing off-road destinations such as Canberra, Thredbo and Bright in the Victorian highlands. To find out more join the Facebook group or contact the club MTB secretary.


Each year the club attends one of Australia’s most challenging mountain bike marathon races, The Convict 100. Held each year in St. Albans, this event attracts over 1,000 riders and tests their endurance on 44km, 68km or 100km courses. This is an unmissable event and a great weekend away with the club. If you’d like to come, contact the club mountain bike secretary and enter the race via the official website.


If you’d like more information, please contact the SCC Mountain Bike Secretary by email:

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