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The Tour Down Under route varies each year, therefore our rides will too as we follow the tour.  The TDU is a 6 day Stage race so book a week off work if you want want to see it all. The best bit is all the Pro Teams stay in the City Centre so there's a good chance you'll bump into one during the week. Although it's not just about the pros, Adelaide becomes a cycling festival. There's the Event Village, a gran fondo, kids races, car park climbs, criteriums, cycling pop up shops and of course Oppy the Kangaroo. Prepare for some serious FOMO if you don't go!

Due to the increased visitor numbers it's really hard for us to organise accommodation & transport for all members. Instead members split into groups and organise it themselves. No matter where everyone is staying we all meet up daily for rides and evening entertainment.

For more details visit the TDU website

The Tour Down Under is the first stop for the world's best cycling teams and riders, and is the opening event of the UCI World Tour. The whole city comes alive with cyclists enjoying the racing and the beautiful local rides - not to mention the great food and the multitude of vineyards and wineries. A must for every cycling fan!


Want to go? Contact the Tour Secretary & they'll put you in contact with other members planning on going

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