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Want to have a go at racing, but not sure where to start? We hold regular 'Intro to Racing' sessions for all members. You don’t need a race licence for this, so it's a great way to give racing a go without any commitment. In these sessions a number of experienced racers from the club take small groups of riders around Heffron Park criterium track, offering advice, explaining race tactics and answering any questions you might have. The sessions are also great for more experienced racers, who might still want to practise and hone their skills.


Please provide some details about your experience and interests and our Race Secretary will advise you the best place to start.

You can also join our SCC RACE SQUAD Facebook group to find out about our training sessions and upcoming races.


You will need a AusCycling Race Licence before being allowed to race. There are two different licenses you can get depending on your age. If you are...

Race All Discipline

Select the Race All Discipline option. Then select your age group.

If you ride with the club you will already have an Aus Cycling Lifestyle Licence but this is only for general riding and won't cover you for racing. It is possible to upgrade from a Lifestyle Licence via AusCycling website.


While the cost of a Race Licence may seem high, it's actually value for money considering there are usually a few races a week in Sydney. You might even start winning and getting some prize money back!


If you are unsure which grade to sign up for, get in touch with SCC Race Secretary at
or start a discussion on
SCC RACE SQUAD Facebook group

Below are some links to calendars with all the local racing...


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