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SCC is one of the largest and most welcoming clubs in Sydney. We pride ourselves on our safe bunch riding and endeavour to be inclusive. We pledge to help develop our members through coaching, skills improvement, racing and mateship to help you achieve your goals.


• We have rides 6 days a week
• We take safety seriously
• 'Intro to Bunch Riding' course for all new members
• Insurance cover via AusCycling
• Weekly newsletter
• Women's development & women's only rides
• Ride for a Reason (R4R) annual charity ride
• Subsidised tours
• Mountain bike and gravel rides

• Access & support for races
• Regular social events
• Christmas Party & Awards Night
• A Club Championship for all levels of competition
• Exclusive access to the best club kit in Australia
• Benefits for Life Members
• Free race licence for members who qualify for NRS
• An honest and transparent committee elected by members.



• You must have a road bike with drop handlebars in sound mechanical and roadworthy condition.


• We don’t allow time trial bikes or bikes with aero / tri bars or flat bars as they are not safe for group rides.


• Have a reasonable amount of bike skills and fitness to keep up with us. If you can complete 7 laps of Centennial Park in an hour or less you should be fine (27kph average).


• Have front and rear lights if riding in the dark and spare tubes and tools in case of mechanical issues.



1. Email with a completed SCC T&C form (see bottom of this page) and a brief description of your cycling ability & experience.

2. You will be emailed confirmation of your place on the intro ride but please be patient. The club is run by volunteers who are very busy so you might not get an immediate reply but we promise you will get an email before the next intro ride. The intro ride is generally held on the first Saturday of each month.

3. Read the SCC Etiquette Guide and familiarise yourself with our rules and calls.
4. Attend the intro ride (check your confirmation email for details.) We ask all new members to attend even if you have previous bunch riding experience as SCC calls and rotations are different to other clubs.

Become an official member of SCC by selecting a membership from the Aus Cycling website and choose Sydney CC as your club when prompted. The club secretary will confirm your membership and email you a welcome pack.
6. Come for a ride with us. At the beginning of your first ride, introduce yourself to the bunch captain and ride at the back of the bunch so you can get used to riding in a SCC bunch. We recommend the Fri-Yay ride for your first ride with the club as it's flat and an easy pace.
Please see our FAQ below if you have any questions and if you still can't find an answer then please contact...



If you want to mountain bike and ride on the road with us then you will need to attend the intro ride and follow the instructions above.

If you only want to ride off road then visit our Mountain Bike page for more details.

  • I am a very experienced rider do I need to do the intro ride?
    Unless you have been racing for a previous club, yes! There are many strong solo riders who would benefit from improving their bunch riding skills. Another reason is that some of our signals and the way we roll over is different to other clubs.
  • Who is the intro ride for?
    We are especially catering for: • people new to road cycling who have only ridden by themselves. • roadies who have only ridden with groups of friends • triathletes who have never ridden in a bunch • mountain bikers who are getting into road riding • roadies who need a bit more confidence • everyone (we have different calls and rotate/roll differently to other clubs)
  • When are the intro rides?
    They are held on the first Saturday of the month at 6.30am.
  • Where do we meet for the intro ride?
    All SCC rides start from the centre of Centennial Park on Parkes Drive, near the retro American coffee trailer. Still not sure? Click on the Rides section of this website for a map
  • What do I have to bring?
    Yourself, your road bike (with drop handle bars), a water bottle, a tool kit and spare tube and maybe an energy bar or small snack. If it's winter, lights and warm clothes like gloves, base layers, arm warmers, leg warmers and wind vest. Wear more than you think as there is a bit of standing around listening to instructions so you get cold quickly.
  • What kind of bike do I need?
    A road bike with drop handlebars. We don't allow flat bars or aero bars as these are not ideal for bunch riding. You don't need clip-in pedals and shoes for the intro ride but worth in investing in some if you continue with the sport. Whatever you do don't try clip-in pedals for the first time on the intro ride - they take a bit of practice to get used to!
  • What do we do and where do we go on the intro ride?
    We will do some bunch riding skills at the beginners' bike track in Centennial Park, getting used to riding close to one another. We then ride to Heffron Park in Maroubra practising bunch riding along the way. At Heffron we review the 2km bike circuit and learn how to paceline and rollover and practice. We then return to Centennial Park in the bunch, rolling. We finish back where we started at the Spruce Goose caravan where you can grab a coffee and meet the other club members (who would have finished their morning rides).
  • What time does it finish?
    About 8:30am
  • How fit do I need to be?
    We cater for a variety of abilities but you should be able to ride at least 7 laps of Centennial Park in an hour (27km/h average).
  • Do I have to join the club after?
    We hope you enjoyed the intro ride and join us but you're under no obligation. Although if you want to join us on club rides after we require you to become a member.


For info please email

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