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Don Beavis, was the President of Eastern Suburbs Amateur Cycling Club but was growing concerned about the ‘hard core’ racing attitude of that club.  Don envisaged a club which looked upon cycling as more than just racing. He resigned his position and in good Australian tradition, a barbeque was hosted with his riding friends to discuss the idea and thus the our club was born with a more comprehensive view of cycling incorporating both sport and recreation.​


With riders sometimes racing interstate and even overseas, it was decided that the name Sydney would be identifiable anywhere and so the new club had a name.​


The founding members were Don Beavis, President/Secretary; Tom Wilhelm, Treasurer; and Bruno Sibilia, Race Secretary and the general members were Jack Browne, Alain Agullo, Gilbert Droz, John Manini, John Lovell-Jones, Michael Goulay, George Chalvin, Dave Stakes and Paul Montesin.




Don Beavis also designed the club’s first jersey which was 100% wool, and unfortunately when wet, would stretch out of shape and at times you would appear to be wearing a skirt. They would also shrink, unevenly of course, with the striped side shrinking more than the rest. 

Nowadays you might see some club members wearing a replica of this special jersey but made with modern materials that can cope better with wet weather. This new kit is reserved for our 'old boys' and you can only get one if you've been in the club for more than xx years.




Club Meetings were held at Sydney Bicycle & Motor Club, Wynyard Park. In 1979 the Bicycle & Motor Club was celebrating its centenary year, and SCC organised a criterium to coincide with that and the and the annual Festival of Sydney. The race circuit was along Hickson Road in The Rocks, and the race was called ‘Myer’s Cup Cycle Race’ with Kevin Nichols winning from Shane Sutton. 


The event was such a success that Don decided to look for another course where they could hold more regular crit races. With the help of some members from Randwick Botany CC they illegally pulled down a few fences at a disused migrant hostel centre in a park. By doing this they opened up an oustanding criterium course but didn't realise at the time that Heffron Park in Maroura would become a Sydney racing institution for local amteurs and also hosting world class cyclists such as Manfred Otto, Mark Cavendish, Caleb Ewan and many more.




SCC struggled through 1980 and 1981 with only a handful of members. A meeting was held with the view of winding up the Club, and Don Beavis stated that his work commitments would not allow him enough time to preside over the Club, although he remained President until 1983.

Alan Smith (Life Member) recalls that he was riding in Centennial Park when a rider approached him, introduced himself as John Beauchamp and asked him if he would like to join the Club.  Alan agreed and because he worked in a bank was made Treasurer – a position he held for eight years. Under John Beauchamp’s leadership membership began to increase. John also produced a monthly SCC newsletter, which he delivered by bike, of course!  Club member numbers began to increase.  Club Meetings transferred from John Beauchamp’s home to Woollahra Public School to accommodate more members.




Membership stood at 54. Members decided to restructure SCC into two distinct clubs: Sydney Cycling Club, and Sydney Cyclists’ Club. Sydney Cycling Club was affiliated with the NSW Amateur Cyclists Union and therefore catered for the racing membership of th


It all started at a BBQ in 1978 when Don Beavis envisaged a cycling club that was more than just racing. One that was fun and incorporated weekday rides, tours and socialising as well as various racing disciplines. Now we're one of the biggest clubs in Australia with almost 500 members.


Special thanks to Sarah Entwistle & ???? who painstakingly researched our history. With over 40 years of history there's probably a lot we've missed. If you think something should be included please let us know.

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