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As a club we endeavour to develop you as a rider. Through our accredited coaches we offer structured squad training & skills courses free to all our members. We will help you improve your skills, get fitter and achieve your goals.


Club coaching is open to all members and it's FREE! There's no commitment, just turn up and give it a try! Sessions are run on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 05:45 to 07:00, followed by optional (compulsory) coffee and a chat with the coach and the rest of the squad. 


Club training caters to all levels of fitness from riders training for a big events through to members who've just joined the club and want to improve their fitness.


Darren builds his training programs around our club events e.g Team Trials, Club Crits and targeted Gran Fondos. In addition to the physical training Darren will help you with mental aspect of training, which is critical to any success you'll achieve and gives you the discipline to get the hard work done.


Squad members are recommended to download the Today's Plan app to get the most out of the sessions (although not compulsory). This professional training platform has a host of features and allows club members to train with Power or Heart Rate if they have them.

Speak to Coach Darren at training to link your account with his training plan.

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WHEN: Weds & Fri

TIME: 5:45am - 7am

WHERE: Spruce Goose



Darren Brewer is our cycling coach and has been running NAD+ Cycle Coaching since 2010. Darren’s philosophy is that he is 110% committed; the rest is up to you…


In addition to coaching, Darren has a full time job and young family so he understands the realities of family life and demanding work schedules. Darren loves his post-ride coffee and can talk for hours about the “magical ride quality and unmatched dependability” of his titanium Litespeed. So come along and give it a go!


Darren also coaches our SCC Race Squad. The squad is dedicated to getting club members racing at a higher level and is open to anyone who wants to get into racing. Ride details and events are posted on the Race Squad Facebook page.


In adition to squad training we also offer a variety of skills courses throughout the year. These have included Intro Bunch Skills & Bike Drills Women's Skills Camp with Loz Shaw, Descending & Cornering courses with Tanya Bosch, Intro to Crit Racing and Mountain Bike Skills sessions.

If you are interested in attending a skills course please contact

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